Episode 18 - Rachel Horton White founder of

Rachel Horton White  Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting

I love this interview with Rachel !

I love this interview with Rachel ! She does some great spiritual work and like many of us, has struggled with finances but has been able to bounce back and focus on accomplishing her money goals. Oh and what do you know about Archangels ?



Learn more about Rachel's work here : Soulfulworkconsulting.com

Episode 17 - Sarah Rogers founder of Profolio

Sarah Rogers

Sarah shares with us

Sarah shares with us her success story which she credits to her personal strength with investing.

Sarah Rogers is the Founder and Principal Financial Adviser of Profolio. Profolio is a financial planning firm that specializes in property investment based in Albury, Australia. In 2014 Sarah was awarded AMP Financial Adviser of the Year, and recently her business was named as a finalist for the Chamber business awards, Outstanding New Business category.

Find out ore about Sarah's work here : PROFOLIO 


If you email mail@profolio.com.au and mention they listened to the show, Profolio will give you a free copy of their 50/30/20 budget workbook and videos to watch to complete the budgeting program for free. Normally this package is sold for $59 each.

Money Mantra episode 16 - RIP

RIP 1500.png

In this personal

In this personal and in-depth interview, RIP discusses his struggles, addictions, and demons that he’s had to face his whole life, most of with which he’s just started coming to terms.

Money Mantra Labor day bonus: Baird Hall founder of Wavve

Baird Hall Wavve

The founder of Wavve

The founder of Wavve, a digital marketing solution for entrepreneurs, podcast host, musicians and more talks about his journey with the company and tells you how you can get started with your free account


Money Mantra episode 15 - Omar Sanchez

Omar Sanchez Final Cuts

Omar Sanchez

has been in business as the owner/operator of Final Cuts barber shop in Chicago, where he also a barber. Omar talks about his financial struggles including his near foreclosure and how he bounced back, plus expectations and more. 


Address: 6054 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60639

Phone(773) 385-6202

Money Mantra episode 14 - Raven Mardirosian

Raven Mardirosian

Raven Mardirosian

is an author, teacher and sought-out Tarot reader who has given thousands of sessions worldwide for over 12 years. She’s written 13 books, most notably The Reluctant Tarot Reader: Adventures in the Gypsy Trade. On episode 14 Raven discusses the struggle with making her healing work a business, money habits + more

Website: http://shivayawellness.com 

Click here for Raven's books on Amazon

Money Mantra episode 13 - Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis is 

a personal coach who focuses on women empowerment. Her struggle with an abusive relationship at an early age lead to a lesson that has sparked the fuel for several lessons. You can find out more about Michelle and her coaching at http://theblessingsbutterfly.com/

You can find out more about Michelle and her coaching at http://theblessingsbutterfly.com/

Money Mantra episode 12 - Jason hamilton

Jason J. Hamilton is

is the CEO of KIS (Keep It Simple) Financial Planning, LLC. They specialize in helping people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s build wealth using an innovative model. KIS has a big heart for the 501c3 non-profit world and to help here, they have specialists on 403(b) consulting and also public student loan forgiveness programs. On episode 12 Jason gives us financial tips, simple ways to plan our fiances + more

Money Mantra episode 11 - Auguste Crenshaw

Auguste Crenshaw

Auguste rocks episode 11 !

Auguste rocks episode 11 ! She is a life coach who helps entrepreneurs and every day people develop standards, understand a mirror mentality and move with the confidence to be able to look at themselves and ask "How can I be better?"