Money Mantra is a #HelloHipHop brand. Our podcast is focused on money and mental health, our host Cesar "V!sual" Zamudio interviews a diverse range of guest including entrepreneurs, actors, artist , yoga instructors, life coaches and much more. Each episode details the different streams of revenue for each, their worst financial moment, a recent action towards personal development plus more. Each episode ends with guest sharing their strengths and weakness with money and personal mindset, resources that help them with their goals, plus a few more including what they would do or may have already done with their first million dollars!  

Words from the host

Cesar "V!sual" Zamudio

I am currently on a path

to improve my financial success and become more mindful of the blessings in my life and the value I can bring to others, I created this podcast to take listeners on this path with me, hoping to shed light on issues that many of us face. Being born and raised in Chicago to immigrant parents, financial literacy was an issue. I have never had an abundance of money and was never taught how to save or invest. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues have also affected my family, friends and myself. I want to use the podcast as a tool to share stories from people that have overcome these adversities. My goal is to curate great stories about success and overcoming adversity and ultimately, I want to educate, empower and bridge a gap between diverse range of people.

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#HelloHipHop and Money Mantra host - Cesar "V!sual" Zamudio

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